I’m Jorge Tamez, a professional photographer living in Texas

Ever since I was little, my parents knew I had a keen eye for artistic expression. At the age of four, I accidentally took a photo of the wheat fields behind our backyard during twilight with my dad’s Pentax film camera. That photo sold for 100K dollars. None of that is true, but I felt like I needed a good, self-aggrandizing story to start this.

I grew up in Mexico until I was 16 when my family moved to the US. Before that, I changed schools a lot so the memories that remain of the few people I managed to form relationships with had been reduced to a handful of photos. When I looked at those photographs I liked to imagine the moments right before and right after it. Eventually, I decided to become one of those people’s whose job is to spark that imagination with the work I produce. I am a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle photographer. I hope you like my work, and if you don’t jut lie to me, pls.